Parent education is also a significant initiative taken under the institute. Under this program, various seminars and parenting sessions are conducted on face-to-face basis with leading corporate companies in India. Apart from F2F sessions, there are multiple online webinars conducted on general topics of awareness for parenting in new era. For more updates on upcoming webinars , check:

Upcoming Events of KLAY School

Parent Helpline is the second initiative under the thought leadership of parent partnership and support. This helpline is  connecting the parents with in-house experts where parents can write in their queries which could range from everyday hassles to serious issues. Parents can drop a note at and based on the type of query, the subject expert gets in touch with the parent while maintaining strict confidentiality on identities of parents and children.

It is supported by experienced educators and child development professionals who help parents by providing guidance and suggestions for ways of dealing with  parenting challenges. This platform also allows parents to have a one on one session with child psychology specialist on various topics related to behavioral and psychological well-being of their child.